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Kenya safaris

One of Africa’s top destination, Kenya has a wide variety of attractions to offer tourists, from the large endless savannah coverage down to the coast where one can encounter beautiful sandy beaches and ancient ruins and architecture in towns that have existed for centuries with rich history.

The Maasai Mara is definatetly the highlight of a Kenyan Safari. i mean what beats at safari of a big five probability. but don't let Maasai Mara overshadow your expectations of a Kenyan Safari considering there are several national parks in the country and all offer something different.
The Kenyan coast offers something different, with its ancient cities that provide a perfect attraction alongside that various water activities in the Indian ocean.

Discover Kenya through Parks Adventure.

You have entrusted us with providing you that memorable safari experience and so we have to make it our job to make sure you get as comfortable as possible throughout your safari. Parks adventure will ensure all the essentials are attended to, including, booking the best accommodation for you in the respective destinations included in your safari and getting all your flight plans in order.
Explore experience and be thrilled by the wilderness in spectacular solitude that Parks Adventure thrives in guiding and catering to all your safari needs and Indian Ocean Beach Holidays in some of the most carefully hand-picked.
Safari and adventure is our business, these are the foundations of Parks Adventure. We appreciate the fact that we get the opportunity to provide that ultimate and unforgettable African Safari and Adventure. So how do you get that great safari experience without digging deep into your pockets? Well, we have got you covered.
Parks Adventure strives at placing the guests interest above all else. Although profit is essential for business growth, guest satisfaction is essentially one of our top priorities and so our pricing is well crafted to ensure our guests get their money’s worth. We ensure best accommodation rates in the best lodges and hotels in all of our destination, and this is also applicable for our flight rates to all our destinations.



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